The Ghostlight Team

An eclectic group of individuals assembled through a rigorous process of investigation and covert observation, they were approached in secret, each having been selected for their unique talents and ability to perceive that which others would merely catch as glimpse from the corner of an eye.

Jim Batt - Film
At home with both the laboratory and the rigors of fieldwork, Jim travels the world on the hunt for lost films, chasing trails of rumour and myth. From the depths of Brazil, to private collections in the Swiss Alps, he uses whatever means necessary to acquire these fragments and return them to the workshop, where he works his art to delicately clean, splice, and restore their flickering frames, before adding them to the collection.

Murray Lorden - Music
An experienced acoustic archeologist and expert musicologist, Lorden's cluttered studio contains everything from old wax Edison cylinders to crystal radios tuned to the static of lost stations.

Jessica Tremp - Photography
Skilled in the art of coaxing even the most ephemeral of images through her lense, Jessica uses an arcane mix of science and alchemy in bringing lost photographs to light.

James Inabinet - Illustration
The vaults of the Inabinet family contain untold art treasures, hidden from the world for generations. The index having been lost long ago, no-one knows what relics may be contained within their endless files. The black sheep of the family, James regularly 'liberates' lesser known works, using his skills as a fine artist to restore their tattered visages to a semblence of former glory. He has never been successfully convicted as a counterfeiter or forger, and resents any such implication.

Stuart Orr - Text
A scholar of the obtuse, Professor Orr knows more about the unknowable than most people have forgotten. His archive of esoteric texts and forays into academia, combine with his latent skills in automatic writing to bring an expanded perspective when contextualizing the fragments found by the Ghostlight Project.