Week 16 : Text : Extract from Goldman Serial lexicon

This codebook was found in a strongbox under the floorboards of a disused movie house in Buenas Aires. Further pages provide cyphers for all genus of flowers, cats, dogs, birds and horses. Hand gestures, eye movements and vehicles are also categorized and decoded, amounting to a complete concordance to the Goldman films, of which 12 are known to have been made.

The few surviving newspaper reviews tell that the Goldman films featured no recogniseable stars (faces were framed out of every shot); characters only known by their clothing and incoherent plot lines (concentrating on travel between cities and the exchange of parcels) punctuated by murders of seemingly innocent bystanders. They were commercial flops, receiving little or no critical attention.

Also found in the cache was a scrapbook of newspaper advertisements showing session times for Goldman movies in theatres as distant as New York and Rome. Careful analysis reveals that the movies appeared simultaneously worldwide and only for a week at a time between May 8th, 1913 and January 11th, 1918. The dates of the films’ limited releases are being checked against significant world events and identification of the producer/s of The Goldman serial shall be an ongoing investigation for the Ghostlight Project archivists.

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