Week 7 : Music Fragment : "Forbid Them Not"

This record was found in a mountain hut during an expedition into Czechoslovakia in 1962. Accompanied by a partial copy of the score, scrawled with notes, the recording appears to be from the third act, somewhere within the fifth hour of the epic. 

It is unclear who the author was, or indeed who performed the music found on this recording. Another seventy six records were found, all containing material that I believe to be from the same film.

I have managed to translate some few of the words from the score accompanying this piece of music.

"The rabid few emerge from the wastelands to finally glimpse clean lands beyond. Their way is blocked by a chasm. Sněžka goes ahead to find a way across. Those remaining burn the newly dead."

Listen to Forbid Them Not...

Download the mp3 (5mb)

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